VSAT Connectivity VSAT systems provide reliable, cost effective and private communications links for both  individual and corporate users.  BroadSat® is a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) system that is based on a  compact terminal, with the satellite modem, IP router, TCP acceleration and QoS  engine, all in a single, reliable, integrated package. Quick and easy to set up, BroadSat® plugs into a PC or laptop via the Ethernet port.  Many units can be linked together to access multiple remote sites, where carrier access  is not practical and/or communication is needed quickly.    Excellent international coverage      Multi-megabit speeds on upload and download   Compact, reliable, "one box" solution   Fast and flexible - can be deployed anywhere   Uses superior Error Correction Techniques to    Minimize weather-related performance degradation   IP Telephony    802.11 Wireless Connection to PC's and PDA's    Video Collaboration    Unified Messaging    Broadband Connectivity to Corporate Applications     Broadband Internet Access     Multi-megabit speeds on uplink and downlink    Enterprise critical, web-based applications such as Citrix  For more  information please contact one of our offices. For contact details.   © Digital Care Pvt. Ltd. 2010
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