© Digital Care Pvt. Ltd. 2010  Portal Solution Digital Care is a  IT services, management consulting and business  process outsourcing company. Digital Care  development capabilities and  expertise in portal technology deliver next generation portal solution. At  Digital Care , we have deep knowledge and vast experience in delivering  solutions ranging from small to large scale portal. We practice enterprise  architecture and unique methodologies for developing enterprise, e-market,  e-commerce, community and industry specific portals.   Digital Care’s detailed analysis and proactive processes, helps to formulate  an enterprise portal solution that meets the precise needs, goals and  targets of any kind of business clients. Digital Care’s portal solution  provides enterprises with a broad portal solution that allows users to take  advantage of the way they exploit information and resources all over the  organization.    Business intelligence portals help enterprises make superior business  decisions by providing accurate and timely information. Portals provide a  single point of access to enterprise information that can be instantly  retrieved and presented in a customized and personalized manner to best  suit user needs. Improves sharing of company's information and applications. Provides secure environment for accessing company's restricted contents. Increases productivity and efficiency of the organization through efficient flow of information. Existing contents are re-used more efficiently to improve business performance. Improves collaboration through sharing of information and ideas. Increased user satisfaction through advanced customization features. Flexible and extendable classification of information improves the usability of the portal.
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