Network Design , Installation and Audit Our comprehensive set of networking services make certain that our client’s networks are reliable and secure. We provide: Network Design: We will plan the most efficient way to build a scalable computer network to meet your specific needs. The total solution developed is the most cost-effective approach to meet your long-term needs. Digital Care also plans and executed upgrades for existing networks. Cabling: We will plan and deploy the installation of cabling throughout your office or plant. Our team has the expertise to identify alternative solutions to routine and complex problems. We will analyze the current network  infrastructure and develop a solution that will  meet both current and future needs.  Firewall and Intrusion Detection: A truly effective firewall will restrict inbound  requests for information, control certain  outbound information, and protect from virus  attacks and attempted intrusion. Digital Care  has a proven process-based implementation  to ensure your critical data is safe.  . . Network Design, Installation, and Audit Do you need an expert resource to design, install, and  support your office network systems? Are you looking for a  proven professional that is there when you need them but  not by having the overhead expense of an additional  employee?  Digital Care provides cost-effective solutions and have  several benefits including:  A service that is delivered efficiently  Competitively priced  Quality service and better reliability  You pay for only what you need  We work with your best interest in mind and you get  only what you need  Network Hardware Management: © Digital Care Pvt. Ltd. 2010
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