Businesses have to be proactive  protecting the critical business  information. In today’s information  age, the sophisticated techniques  used by viruses and hackers can  effortlessly halt business for hours or  days. Security risks can also be  internal and lead to lost data or even  crippled workstations or networks.  Does your business have a  comprehensive security plan in place  to protect your  equipment and keep  your data secure?  If you have an existing Asset Management System and would like to manage from one to hundreds of handheld users who are continually updating your data via handheld devices, then deploying DCPL is having the answer we are developing the software for better asset tracking  what you need. DCPL provides cost-effective IT  support services. We know that  small and midsize businesses depend on technology to run their business,  but often lack the in-house  knowledge and expertise to support  these systems. Since it is not cost  effective to have an experienced IT  support person on staff, businesses  are outsourcing their need for IT  support services to  the professionals.  Our services include:  Protecting Your Critical Business Information © Digital Care Pvt. Ltd. 2010
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