© Digital Care Pvt. Ltd. 2010  IT Support Services Your Personal On-Call IT Support  Digital Care provides cost-effective IT support services. We know that small and midsize  businesses depend on technology to run their business, but often lack the in-house knowledge  and expertise to support these systems. Since it is not cost effective to have an experienced IT  support person on staff, businesses are outsourcing their need for IT support services to the  professionals. Our services include:  An on-call expert resource Fast response time Best in class service delivered efficiently Competitively priced  You only pay for what you need  Digital care has extensive experience servicing businesses to ensure their technology is up and  running at optimum performance. We provide IT support for: Technology Integration: ensure that you get the most from the introduction of new technology  and that it does not result in downtime. We will make certain that you have the proper  infrastructure in place to support the technology including the cables, connectors, routers, hubs  and switches to meet your specific needs.  Preventive maintenance: prolong the life of your equipment, ensure you minimize downtime and optimize the overall performance and speed of your systems.  Work Station Maintenance: ensure users are not slowed down by viruses or programs that are not  functioning properly. Server Maintenance: the server is the lifeline and regular maintenance will increase speed,  performance, and its lifespan. Network Management: We will design, build, and support your network. We utilize both wired and wireless solutions, including wiring and other network infrastructures.  Internet Connection: ensure everyone is able to access the internet through shared internet  connectivity, Digital Care has extensive experience supporting various media and connection  types as well as supporting e-mail, firewall configuration, and other internet protocols.  Desktop Application Support: We will support the applications that are critical to your business  such as Microsoft Office and your custom developed applications. Depending on your specific  needs, Digital Care  offers telephone, Remote Access and onsite support. 
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