© Digital Care Pvt. Ltd. 2010 Computer Security Digital Care Pvt. Ltd Computer Security Management Protecting Your Critical Business Information Businesses have to be proactive protecting the critical business information. In  today’s information age, the sophisticated techniques used by viruses and hackers  can effortlessly halt business for hours or days. Security risks can also be internal  and lead to lost data or even crippled workstations or networks. Does your  business have a comprehensive security plan in place to protect your equipment  and keep your data secure? Digital Care provides our clients with the analysis and tools needed to mitigate  the risk of unauthorized access, deletion, or changes to their IT infrastructures.  Our clients have the freedom to choose the technologies that meet their specific  needs and improve their business. Digital Care offers the following Security Management services: Security Risk Analysis: We have a proven process to provide you with a  comprehensive risk analysis assessment. We examine your current IT structure to  uncover any potential areas of vulnerability.  Security Policy Planning: Having the right security policies in place make the  difference between a hackable network and an impenetrable one. Digital Care can  create a workable security policy to ensure your data is secure.  Anti-Virus Implementation: New e- mail based viruses are constantly being  discovered and they have the ability to take down your entire business network.  Digital Care will ensure that your virus protection is updated regularly to stay  ahead of the new viruses and ensure your network is not infected.  Security Update Services: Once a security plan has been developed and  implemented, the most next step is keeping it up to date. Digital Care is  committed to providing our clients with long-term support ensuring the security  plan is updated to combat new threats. 
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