Network Design , Installation and Audit We will analyze the current network  infrastructure and develop a solution that will  meet both current and future needs.  Firewall and Intrusion Detection: A truly effective firewall will restrict inbound  requests for information, control certain  outbound information, and protect from virus  attacks and attempted intrusion. DCPL has a  proven process-based implementation to  ensure your critical data is safe.  . . Network Hardware Management: Business Continuity Planning, A significant proportion of businesses hit by disaster are forced to  close their doors forever because they don't have a business  continuity plan. That’s because in today’s interconnected world,  even minimal downtime costs substantially in the form of lost  revenues, missed opportunities, and failed commitments.  Precisely because technology has become so mission-critical to  our businesses, being without systems, applications, or data for  any length of time can be catastrophic. Still, many organizations hesitate to implement large-scale  disaster recovery initiatives because of the costs and the  complexity involved. Our Professional Services team is made up  of certified business continuity professionals who perform a  complete business impact analysis to come up with the best  recovery profile to protect you in case of unforeseen events.  © Digital Care Pvt. Ltd. 2010
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