Digital Care Pvt. Ltd., was formed in the year 1993 by a group of professional Technocrats who  had vast experience in the field of IT related Customer Support Management. The Company is  primarily dedicated to provide solutions for optimum usage of Information Technology  Infrastructure, both Hardware and Software; to users.We  were selected as the Authorised Service Representative  (ASR) of Digital Equipment (I) Ltd. in 1995. Evaluating our  expertise and resultant Customer Satisfaction Index, we  were subsequently appointed as Authorised Service Provider  (ASP) by "Compaq" in 1998.We are also associated with NCR  in maintaining their ATM Equipments in the remote locations  of the East and North East Sector of the country. We are  engaged in the IT service field for last Thirteen years with  core competencies in Networking and Hardware Maintenance.  We are also in the fields of Software Management and Single  Point Facility Management. Our present Staff Strength is 225 of which 50 are in the NCR  Division, 50 are in IT Infrastructure Division and 115 are in IT Sector and the rest engaged in  Back Office / Administrative Jobs. Besides we have the ability also to increase the Nos. of  dedicated Team for IT Infrastructure / Project.The workforce is a young and energetic team  with average age level 27 years. All employees are in the permanent roll of the company with  an annual walk-out rate of less then 3%. Our HR policies actively encourage all to develop  Professional skill like CCNA, MCSE, PSE and EPT etc.  All NCR Service Engineers are directly  trained by NCR at their Residential Campus in Mumbai. All our operations are undertaken by  our employees - we currently do not outsource any assignments. Our Employee Experience is  presently ranging from 1 to 27 Year with an average of about 5.8 Years.As of now, we have  Eleven Offices in Eastern India (Kolkata, Siliguri, Patna, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Jamshedpur,  Dhanbad, Malda and Guwahati) + 10 Resident Point. Demographically, we cover the States of  West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Sikkim, Assam and North Eastern Regions.   About Us © Digital Care Pvt. Ltd. 2010
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