Connectivity Options From the office, home or whilst on the move, a connection to the internet is becoming  a must have service. Up until recently a decent high speed connection was vastly  expensive, but with the advent of low cost, high speed ADSL, and other affordable  technologies every company can afford to take full advantage of what the web has to  offer. ADSL is now available in nearly every populated area, and provides high speed, cheap  and reliable connection to the internet. With a static IP address, you can even use  ADSL to put your company's server on the internet to take advantage of remote access  services to email and company files. FAQ's Bonded ADSL is for companies that want even more bandwidth but still at ADSL prices.  By seamlessly combining several ADSL lines together extrememly high bandwidth can  be obtained for a fraction of the price of a similar leased line. Leased Line is typically now used only by companies that demand the fastest  connection, or are located in an area not serviced by ADSL yet. It is very expensive  compared to ADSL and is gradually becoming less and less used. Managed Router. At the end of every internet connection there is generally a router.  This can range from simple home or small office routers to high end routers that  combine firewall / VPN and site to site links. Often the higher end routers are hard to  configure and expensive to buy. A managed router service means that you pay a small  fixed monthly charge and you effectively rent the router and it's settings are managed  for you.   3G / GPRS is a tool for the ultimate road warrior. Using state of the art 3G technologies  high speed internet connectivity on the move is now a reality. A small card slots into  your laptop connecting it to the mobile networks wirelessly. Speeds of up to 384kb are  available, and for areas without 3G coverage GPRS is used, giving approximately 100kb bandwidth.   © Digital Care Pvt. Ltd. 2010
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